Our recreation staff is committed to providing an unforgettable, all-inclusive vacaction for guests of the resort in every season. Zion Ponderosa will offer many additional games and activities to ensure non-stop fun and excitement for our guests. Many of these activities will be centered in our new recreation barn. The barn is home to Southern Utah's largest indoor/outdoor climbing and rappelling wall as well as billiards, ping-pong, foosball, and an exercise room with free weights and aerobic exercise equipment.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling Wall

Zion Ponderosa has recently finished construction on a 40-foot high climbing and rappelling wall. This wall is the biggest wall in Southern Utah and has charted climbs for both the beginning and advanced climbers. The wall is the centerpiece of Zion Ponderosa's new recreation facility that houses East Zion Adventures, the resort's recreation concessionaire. With over 20,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor climbing surface, our wall is the hot spot both in winter and summer months. Rock climbing is fast becoming an extremely popular sport for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Once considered an extreme sport, rock climbing has emerged as a sport that is enjoyed by a wide variety of participants, young and old, highly trained athletes and weekend warriors. Zion Ponderosa gives guests the opportunities to learn the basics of rock climbing on our new climbing and rappelling wall. The wall will be staffed throughout the day and evening with all necessary equipment for guests to begin their rock climbing adventure. Beginner climbs gives newcomers the confidence they need to learn the proper technique. Experienced climbers will find our advanced climbs more than challenging, including our overhang and chimney features.


At the top of the climbing wall is a lookout tower that can be accessed by an internal stairway. The tower has a bird's eye view of the resort and the surrounding ranch. Guests can learn how to safely rappell as they descend the forty foot wall. East Zion Adventure's qualified staff will instruct guests on the basics of rope and harness safety. Guests will learn how to master and overcome their innermost fears as they learn this popular activity. Rappelling is not for everyone, but those willing to give it a try will find rappelling both frightening and very exciting. Staff will take careful attention to make the rappelling experience safe and fun for all guests.

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