There is nothing more refreshing taking a horseback ride on a clear, crisp winter day. Zion Ponderosa's winter horseback rides take guests to incredible view of the Park whether there is several feet of snow on the ground, or if it's dry. Guest chan choose from the following winter rides.

Checkerboard Overlook Ride

This ride is mainly flat and takes approximately one hour. Riders traverse the plateau which overlooks Checkerboard Mesa in the Park. Many species of natural trees and shrubs line the trail. Riders see Checkerboard Mesa from a number of different views. Photo taking is encouraged. This is an easy ride for beginners and a good warm-up for old timers.

Jolley Gulch Ride
Jolley Gulch is a cool, tree lined ravine that is home to large ponderosa pine trees and an old homesteader's cabin that dates back to the beginning of the 1900's. Jolley Gulch ends at the Cave Canyon dryfall, a spectacular 300 foot cliff in the Park that is home to a small stream following thunderstorms. Riders can cross through the Gulch to the Park fence where they tie up their horses. Guests can then walk the additional 50 yards on foot to the stunning dryfall. This ride is excellent for beginners or more experienced riders and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Guests who are interested in additional horseback riding can schedule longer rides with our wranglers. Zion Ponderosa will provide rain gear for riders, however, we do recommend bringing warm clothing for the cooler days. Horseback riding is available at no extra charge for our all-inclusive guests age 8 and older.

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